to the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of AIS department

Oksanych Iryna Hryhorivna

and candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of IBM department

Kobylska Olena Borysivna

and candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of AIS department

Konokh Igor Serhiyovych


with successful defense of dissertations for the degree of doctor of technical sciences!




The Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering is the youngest faculty of the university and it is quite natural, as all areas of student training by our departments are focused on modern high technology, both in terms of information and in design, production and others.
Meanwhile, the departments of the faculty are the oldest, because it was from them that the formation of the educational institution as such began. First of all, it is the Department of Electronic Devices, which began its history in 1964 as the Department of Electrical Engineering Disciplines, turning after the separation of the Department of Automation of Production Processes and Robotics into the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, and then into the graduating department. Department of "Electronic Devices". This is the Department of Computer and Information Systems, which was also formed from employees of the former Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Department of Informatics and Higher Mathematics, formed from the Department of Higher Mathematics, without which there is no educational institution. In 2010, the faculty was replenished with a new department of "Information and Control Systems", which is powerful in terms of scientific potential.
Currently, the faculty is one of the most powerful at the university, which has about 700 full-time students who are preparing for the educational and qualification levels of bachelor and master. At each department postgraduate students are trained, doctoral students were trained. Thus, end-to-end training of specialists of all levels in three areas is provided: Computer Engineering, Radio-Electronic Devices and Informatics.
Scientists of the departments successfully conduct research in the most promising modern areas, an annual scientific and technical conference "Physical processes and fields in technical and biological objects", which last year gained international status.